Blessed be the scriptmakers.


Disable the like/unlike animations.

Fix the borked wrapped tags.

Make the text in quote posts a reasonable size.

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tumblr: I take the useful buttons and move them to bottom of the post.
tumblr: The change is subtle yet annoying.
tumblr: It will take users days, weeks to get used to it, in the meantime clicking feverishly on the source when they mean to click reblog.
tumblr: ....This is my design.
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You know that means censorship right

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twitter: we're going to change our layout in a few months. here. try it out and go back and forth from old to new if you'd like.
facebook: we're going to be changing to a timeline on a certain date. feel free to switch ahead of time and become comfortable with it.
tumblr: surprise lol shit's different today. get used to it
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dear tumblr,

        if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

literally everyone on this god damn website are you fucking trying to lose all your users idgi 

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tumblr honey, don’t do that again

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*when you go back on tumblr*
Expectations: brand new dashboard setup, funky reblog button, faster way of getting new followers, ultimate tag tracker system
Reality: nothing happened
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september 25th 2012

we have lost ‘reblogged this from’

he was a good man

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